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Up-to-Date Hardware – Website Hosting

Over The Net’s servers are the fastest, most technologically advanced available. We are constantly upgrading our systems, however, we do so with great care. Over The Net always balances between the, “leading edge” and the, “safe and what has been proven safe and reliable.” In other words, most new technology has bugs. Therefore, before Over The Net upgrades the systems we make absolutely sure that the new technology has been on the market and proven to be safe and reliable.

As hackers and thieves continue to try and access or corrupt servers around the world, Over The Net’s customers rest easy knowing that their data is safe in our PCI compliant housing.

Controlling Costs While Meeting Site Demands

The servers on which a website is housed must match the specifications of the anticipated website. This sounds obvious, however, most website hosts only offer one type of hosting platform such as Windows or Unix, Over The Net offers all platforms so whichever is best for your solution is what will be chosen. OTN will provide each of our clients with a custom hosting solution that will control costs while ensuring the integrity of the website.

Optimizing Servers

For optimum performance and speed, servers must be optimized for specific tasks. This is because various computers and platforms have different purposes. No one machine is the best at everything. Even the most expensive computer has its weaknesses. Therefore, Over The Net has several servers, each optimized for its specific task.


Over The Net takes every precaution to prevent hackers from damaging our customer’s websites as your profile to the world must remain unharmed and its integrity protected vigilantly.
Here are just some of the steps we have taken to protect your data and online integrity:

Data security procedures:

  • 24x7x365 on-site staff
  • SAS 70 Type II/SSAE16 certified
  • Multiple layers of security & authentication; including card key, PIN, & biometric required for facility entrance
  • Hardware Firewalls at core levels
  • Software firewalls in each managed environment
  • Commercial, third party, and proprietary anti-virus and malware w/scans performed daily and notifications ticketed
  • Server patching through commercial automated solutions and proprietary systems

Physical security procedures

  • Full CCT surveillance is in use, backed by digital recording on file, along with intrusion detection systems to prevent unauthorized electronic access
  • Each datacenter offers onsite staff 24×7 – providing additional protection against unauthorized entry
  • Locking cages/cabinets, and DC retains all keys (verified check in/check out)
  • SAS-70 audited data center infrastructure
  • Pre-hire security process
  • Senior management team creates security policies, which are continually modified and reviewed
  • Security team tasked with oversight of the security programs
  • Security Program is in place, with documented security policies, standards and procedures
  • Security policies and procedures are disseminated to all staff
  • All staff are instructed how to detect and/or respond to security incidents or technical malfunctions
  • Documented policies and procedures for system administration and network management
  • Documented policies regarding the secure disposal of media/data
  • Formal patch management, notification, approval, and rollback systems are in place for production changes
  • Each staff member has unique passwords and authentication parameters to our infrastructure through VPN access
  • Each staff member has unique passwords and authentication parameters to our infrastructure through AD/LDAP systems
  • Staff cannot change their own encrypted passwords for network access
  • Network and physical alerts are generated by our systems
  • Change controls/procedures are fully documented internally
  • Pre-hire process’ include criminal and personal background checks, drug testing and credit checks and bond eligibility information disclosures
  • Staff are required to sign confidentiality agreements

Backups, Redundancy, Experience and Forethought

Over The Net is prepared for every imaginable problem. We perform regular backups and have uninterruptible power sources. We provide 24-hour-a-day monitoring of the servers and have redundant systems in place at every level. If any single machine goes down, we have another spare to fill in immediately. Over The Net takes its hosting seriously because this is the largest point of vulnerability between your business and public.

Compatibility Between Host and Website

The fact that Over The Net is both the site developer and the website host facilitates the original creation of the site and subsequent updates in the most cost effective manner. This also ensures that there will never be compatibility problems between the programs and the Servers. You own the website and all related work so that if you wanted to bring the project in-house or move to another host there would be no additional charges or expectations.

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