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Getting the Most Out of Your Website

Setting clear goals for your website development is the first step to insuring success and attaining the most out of your investment.

  • Will our website be our best sales person or customer service person, or both?
  • Should our website look to bring in new customers or facilitate the needs of existing customers, or both?
  • What role should we play in updating our website and what are the pros and cons of doing so?
  • What marketing efforts are behind the promotion and recognition of our new website to help launch it out to the web, and more specifically to our existing customer base?
  • What is the benefit to the site visitor? What is our benefit and how is it recognized?

These are just some of the initial questions to be considered when contemplating either a new website or a revamp of an existing website. If an existing website is in place does it accrue statistics on the usage? If so, has anyone done any kind of statistical forensics to understand site usage and where opportunities or challenges may lie?

Over The Net’s CEO Greg Hayward and his team will bring their experience and expertise to your business’ aid as a partner from the beginning, that will be here tomorrow, and is always accountable.

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