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Website Updating

Has the person that built your website gone missing in action, back to college or just isn’t, “into it” anymore? Or has the company you paid good money to disappeared and is nowhere to be found now that your website needs updating? We can help!

From securing your domain name, attaining access to your website’s code and making all of the updates you’ve wanted to make for so long now, we can help and be a reliable source for many years to come.

Since 1995 we’ve seen it all, believe me, and from the worst to the best and all sites in-between when it comes to website updating and maintenance needs we can do what it takes to get the most of what you have now, or to enhance what you have now to be even better then you thought it could be.

All platforms, all hosting configurations and vendors out there and almost all programming languages have been encountered and conquered on our customer’s behalf. WordPress sites must be updated and kept current to be safe and reliable. When was the last time you updated your WordPress site?

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